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Are you seeking the best carton sealer for your packaging?

Choosing the best sealer for your product is vital for packaging processes. It helps to protect your goods, aid safe transportation of products, and retain your products’ product quality until they get to the final consumers. Opting for an unsuitable packing tape can lead to some adverse effects such as material waste, reduced packer productivity, product damage, product contamination, theft, and high labor costs.  To prevent these effects, you need to go for the correct carton sealers.

Generally, there are two major types of carton sealers based on the adhesives used in forming and sealing them. They are glue and tape carton sealers.

Glue tape carton sealers are made from a synthetic resin that liquefies when it is heated. You can apply it with a small handheld applicator or an extensively automated system with many automatic applicators.

On the other hand, Tape sealers use a mix of pressure-sensitive plastic or fiber, and the polymer is the usual adhesive component. Also, sealants are not as strong as adhesive.

So, glue carton sealers are better for sealing a larger volume of boxes with similar sizes. On the other hand, tape carton sealers are great for packing lower volume boxes with different box sizes. They also have their unique benefits. They are safer, cheaper, and better for colder environments.

Moving forward, we will delve more into the features of the glue and tape carton sealers, including their advantages and disadvantages. We will also compare their features based on several factors.

So, read on!

Glue Carton Sealers

glue flap carton sealer

Advantages of Glue Carton Sealers

  • Glue carton sealers are highly flexible and allow for different nozzle sizes and material types.
  • They are sturdier and help to package heavy cartons.
  • They allow carton assembly and high-speed cases.
  • They provide a professional seal that is easily operated, easily opened without scissors, and has no folds.
  • Even though tape sealers are cheaper than glue sealers, glue tapers usually take less tape for each carton sealed.
  • They provide better hold up over time.
  • Glue carton sealers have an excellent appearance.

Disadvantages of Glue Carton Sealers

  • They are costlier to purchase.
  • Their operation cost is higher.
  • They need operator training time.
  • They are potentially hazardous for operators.

Tape Carton Sealers

carton sealer

Advantages of Tape Carton Sealers

  • Tape carton sealers are better for less frequent and slower case erecting.
  • They are usually more cost-effective and cheaper.
  • They are comfortable and straightforward to use. Because of their easy use, they reduce injuries to operators.
  • Tape carton sealers can be used for various carton sizes and shapes.
  • They are easy and simple for technicians to maintain because tape heads are the major part to be maintained.
  • They are cheap and have lower operating costs.

Disadvantages of Tape Carton Sealers

  • The sealing appearance and quality are inconsistent.
  • The application process is energy and time-consuming.
  • The materials are costly.
  • The downtime is longer because of continuous manual reloading.
  • Tape breakage can occur.
  • They need storage space.

To help you make better buying decisions, we will compare the two carton sealers based on different qualities so you can choose the better case sealer type for your product packaging.

Glue Carton Sealer Vs Tape Carton Sealer

To make a better choice on the better carton sealer between glue and tape carton sealers, you have to consider several important factors. These factors are as follows:


In terms of application, glue carton sealers are better because of their versatility. They are preferable if you need a more customized seal. Glue carton sealers are getting more popular with their increased adoption.


You need to consider the environment where you are packaging your cartons. If you are sealing in a cold environment, the hot melt will become cool very fast. For ultracold environments, you can opt for cold temperature packing tape as it can seal your cartons even in the winter months. The dusty environment is not ideal for tape sealers.


In terms of cost, tape sealers are usually cheaper than hot melt or glue sealers. But glue sealers are less consumable and are cheaper than tape over time.


In terms of appearance, glue carton sealers are better because they only need a single strip, unlike tape carton sealers that need multiple strips to seal properly giving it an untidy appearance.


In terms of versatility, glue carton sealers are more versatile than tape carton sealers, because they can be used to seal cartons of different forms and types. If you need a carton sealer that is multifunctional, go for glue carton sealers.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Tape sealers are fairly easy to maintain because the main equipment to be maintained is the tape head. They are simple devices and are easily maintainable by technicians. On the other hand, a lot of glue sealers are difficult to maintain because the glue guns and glue tanks are complex and have more chances of failing. 

Goods Weight

For low-weight products, you can use glue carton tapes. But for weighty products, you can opt for heavy-duty packing tape. The weight of the goods being shipped is an important factor to consider when buying packing tape.

Operator Safety

In terms of safety, tape machines are better and of little risk to the operator. However, glue sealers process the adhesive at 300 to 350 F, and improper handling can cause harm to the operator.

What’s the Best Sealer for Your Business?

In choosing the best carton sealer to use between tape and glue sealer, you need to understand your production and distribution operations. You need to know the type of packaging, by consulting equipment experts who are part of your production team. After making your inquiries, you will make better decisions on the sealer to use.

Generally, glue sealers are considered to be very versatile. If you need a customized seal, you can opt for a hot melt. You also need to consider your environment. Glue might not be the best for a cold climate. Also, tape sealers do not work well in a dusty environment.

The size of your products also matters in the choice of sealers. You can use tape sealers for a small volume of goods while you can opt for a glue seal for a higher volume of goods.

Where to Use Glue Sealers

Glue Sealers are best suited for:

Bulky goods: Glue Carton Sealers will be more useful for bulky goods than tape carton sealers.
Great looking packaging: If you need to package your products neatly, opt for glue case sealers. It will keep your products neat and clean.
Durable Sealing: If you need a sealing that will last for a long, opt for glue carton sealing. It will help to protect your products for a longer period.
Easy to Open Sealing: If you want a sealing that is easy to open without any hitches, opt for glue sealers. Because it takes only a few strips to seal, you can open it without scissors.
Faster and Easier Packaging: If you want to make your packaging faster and easier, opt for glue sealers. They make your packaging process faster and easier as it only takes a few strips to seal your goods with glue sealers.
Multifunctional Sealing: If you need a sealer that can work for different sizes and kinds of goods, opt for glue sealers. They are versatile and can work for different types and sizes of products.

Where to Use Tape Sealers

You can opt for tape sealers in these cases:

For Safety Purposes: If you are overly concerned about the safety of your workers, you may opt for tape sealers. They are safe to use, unlike glue sealers which can be hazardous.
To Save Money: If you don’t have enough funds to maintain a glue sealer, you can opt for the tape sealer as it is cheaper and easier to maintain.
Cold Environment: If you are in the cold winter months or you live in a cold environment, tape sealers are better for you as the glue sealers won’t be able to hold in an overly cold environment. But tape sealers are not good for dusty environments.


Both glue and tape carton sealers are helpful and have unique features. This article has provided you a  detailed comparison of both glue and tape sealers. It also clarified the best uses of both glue and tape carton sealers.   You can use this guide to decide the best time to opt for either glue and tape carton sealers.

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