What Is Box Taping Machine?

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If you’ve been even close to the packing industry, you’d have, at some point, heard the mention of a box taping machine.  Yes, it is literally that.

A Box Taping Machine is that tapes your boxes up for you. It usually refers to as carton sealer, case sealer, carton sealing machine, and box taper. A box taping machine is an machine comprised of three separate mechanisms, a conveyor belt for the box, a tape holder and a taping shaft.

Now, we will take you to a more detailed understanding of the machine.

Different Types of Box Taping Machines:

  • Uniform Semi Automatic
  • Uniform Fully Automatic
  • Random Semi Automatic
  • Random Fully Automatic

Here’s a little breakdown of each type of case sealer:

FeaturesUniform Semi AutomaticUniform Fully AutomaticRandom Semi AutomaticRandom Fully Automatic
Will it tape boxes of the same size only in a continuous run?YesYesNoNo
Can I add different sized boxes one after another?NoNoYesYes
Does it tape boxes of various sizes if adjusted?YesYesNot requiredNot required
Does it require an operator to introduce the box to the machine?YesNoYesNo
Does it require an operator to fold the flaps?YesNoYesNo
Does it seal both the top and bottom of the box?YesYesYesYes
Do I have to manually adjust a new carton size?YesYesNoNo

What Are A Few Advantages of Using A Box Taping Machine?

It’s a machine that helps you out dramatically if you’re part of the packing business. Let us tell you why:

  • It reduces labor drastically. Once the machine starts to operate, there really isn’t much required on the part of the operator.
  • It is neat, consistent, and efficient unlike the inconsistent presentation of hand taped boxes.
  • It is an exceptionally speedy method to tape your boxes and in heavy numbers.
  • It’s a good bargain for your invested money.
  • Requires little to no maintenance.

Customization of the Box Taping Machine:

We can customize the machine according to your requirements or ideas, such as the following options for your reference.

1. If your carton exceeds the packaging range of our standard machine. We can customize the machine according to your carton sizes.

2. Voltage and different plugs, used in countries all over the world are available.

3. The type and length of the conveyor belt can be customized for you, such as an unpowered conveyor belt, powered conveyor belt with a motor. Different lengths with 1M/2M/3M length conveyor belt and so on.

4. If you are engaged in seafood industries, we advise using stainless steel machine frame instead of carbon steel material. It will make the machine more durable and suitable for workshops with high humidity.

5. Change the configuration brand of the machine, according to your needs.

6. One-stop machine connection, from box erecting to sealing, palletizing, we are glad to provide design solutions for you and mechanical factory testing.

What to Look For In a Good Box Taping Machine?

Always focus on a few deciding factors for your machine:

  1. Consider how it will deal the flaps of your boxes.
  2. See how well it repeats its performance.
  3. How easy is it to change the tape in the holder?
  4. How much adjustment can you really make to the frame?
  5. And finally, is it cost-effective?

We hope that this post helped clarify your queries about box taping machines.

In a nutshell, a box taping machine is a machine that seals cartons with tape. If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us.

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