What Is A Case Erector?

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Have you ever wondered what is this product everybody in the packaging industry seems to rave about? A case erector has become quite a necessity in today’s world. With a need for a quick set up of cartons and boxes, comes the case erector. It seems like an intimidating name of a machine but it has the simplest function.

So quite simply, Case Erectors are machines that give a shape and form to flat cartons or boxes. They help give those flattened cardboard pieces the three-dimensional form of a box by taping the bottom and making the box stand.

Hence, they are also referred to as bottom tapers sometimes.

The Types of Case Erectors

There are just two types of case erectors out there:

Here’s what you need to know about both types:

FeaturesAutomatic Case ErectorsSemi-Automatic Case Erectors
Does it require an operator?NoYes
Can it be paired with a case sealer?YesYes
Is this faster than the other in case erecting?YesNo
Is it customizable?YesYes
Can I adjust boxes erected per minute?YesYes

Automatic and Semi-Automatic Case Erectors are further classified into two types:

  • Vertical Case Erector
  • Horizontal Case Erector

Although both perform efficiently, here’s a breakdown of differences between Vertical and Horizontal case erectors.

FeatureVertical Case ErectorHorizontal Case Erector
Speed10 cartons per minute20-30 cartons per minute
Type of contentObjects that can be easily tipped over like tubes or bottlesStackable hefty objects like soaps and bundles
Adhesive materialBoth adhesive tape and glueBoth adhesive tape and glue
Packing styleThe product is lowered in the boxThe product is collected and pushed sideways in the box

Why Do You Need A Case Erector?

  • You’ll increase productivity by 100% when you use a machine in place of an actual person who works as a case erector. An average person might do 3 boxes in a minute, a case erector can top that by three times the speed.
  • There remains no place for human error. The machine will make sure each box is identical to the other and they all will have a uniform appearance.
  • You’ll save so much money because the case erector does not get sick, doesn’t take off days, and does its work fast and efficiently.

Customized Case Erectors

We not only provide you with industrial-grade, high-efficiency machine but we also help you customize your case erectors to the max. We can help out with all your specific needs such as the size of the folded carton holder for maximum number, the kind of tape you’d like to use for the bottom, and any other customization you require.

What To Look For In A Good Case Erector?

Remember, with several companies out there offering you many case erectors, there are always a few things you need to keep a lookout for. They are as follows:

  • Always check what kind of speed option your case erector offers.
  • Check if the carton transfer is trustworthy and reliable.
  • Check for internal systems that ensure proper squaring of the carton.
  • How quick is its change over and does it require additional tools?
  • Does it only form the carton or does it seal it too?
  • Will the carton get damaged if it strikes the moving parts or is there a movement restriction for it?

We hope that the article has clarified all your questions about case erectors and how they can be put to use. Please feel free to contact us for any further information.

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