What Are The Types Of Carton Sealers?

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Carton Sealer can automate your packaging, protect your goods and reduce labor costs. They ensure that your products undergo proper packaging for shipping or storage. In addition, with carton sealers, your products are protected from pests, pilfering, and contaminants. However, all carton sealers are not equal. So, you want to purchase a carton sealer; you need to consider the type.

Carton sealers are divided into random carton sealers and uniform carton sealers. According to sealing effect, carton sealers can implement top & bottom seal, bottom seal, 4-edge seal and side seal, etc. So to choose the best type of carton sealer, you must consider the number and sealing effects of boxes, and the cost.

Carton sealers can be classified in two ways.

  1. Classification Based on the Sealing Effect
  2. Classification Based on the Packaging Size and Type

Classification Based on the Sealing Effect

According to the sealing effect, carton sealers are of these types:

carton sealing type

Top & Bottom Seal

Top & Bottom Seal works to seal the top and bottom of the cases.


  • Can seal the top and bottom.
  • It produces a uniform seal.
  • It minimizes waste and tape expense.
  • The seal looks uniform and aesthetic.

Bottom Seal Only

Bottom Seal Carton Sealing Machines is also called the Carton Erector. It will make your carton stand up in a box form, folds the bottom flaps, and seals them. It often goes online with the flap carton sealer.

4-Edge Sealing Machines

4-Edge Sealers are ideal for uniform edge sealing. They eliminate the stress and cost that comes with hand taping the four outer edges of packages. This is usually necessary when pilfer proofing and protecting your product from the outside environment are necessary.


  • Uniform edge sealing.
  • It tapes four edges.
  • It has an operator-free design.
  • Rugged construction.
  • It is suitable for the exact carton sizes.

Side Seal

Side Seal Carton Sealing Machines can seal the side of the carton. They are helpful in the production line, conveying, feeding, and entering bags. They have good working efficiency.


  • Easily adjustable.
  • It is easy to operate.
  • You can easily adjust the size.
  • It contains a protection function to avoid improper sealing.

Flap Carton Sealer

The machine will fold the cover automatically and seal top and bottom of the carton. It can can wired or stand-alone operation. It often goes online with the carton erector. It is suitable for a fully automatic production line.

flap carton sealer

Classification Based On The Packaging Size And Type

According to the package size and type, carton sealers have these types:

Uniform Carton Sealers

Operator needs to adjust the width and height of the carton if there is a new carton size. Uniform Carton Sealers are ideal for same size cases.

They are the most familiar sealer type in the production lines, and they have various sizes and speeds to meet your packaging needs. You can adjust them for different-sized boxes. However, when you set them up, they seal packages of the same size. Uniform Carton Sealers have two versions, namely the semi-automatic and automatic versions.

Automatic Uniform Carton Sealers

Automatic uniform Carton Sealers don’t need an operator’s to hold the case flaps. After boxes of similar sizes are placed into , it then fold down the flap of the case and pass the box via the tape head.

Automatic uniform Carton Sealers are best suited when the carton size is same.


  • It contains a tape head that can fold flaps. Hence, there’s no need for an operator to fold flaps.
  • It runs continuously on boxes of the same size.
  • It can seal the top and bottom of the case.
  • It requires a simple adjustment when you introduce different sizes of cases.

Uniform Semi-Automatic Carton Sealers

Semi-Automatic Uniform Carton Sealers are more suitable for the same carton size. Unlike uniform automatic Carton Sealers, they require the services of an operator. The tape heads are easy to adjust, and they seal the top and the bottom.

Semi-Automatic Uniform Carton Sealers are ideal for sealing lower volumes of similar-sized cases. First, you introduce the boxes through a belt system that runs linearly through the machine for closing the upper and lower flaps fast. Then, the machine seals the box and adjusts it manually in height and weight.

Uniform Semi-Automatic Carton Sealers machine seals both the top and bottom of the case. For cases of different sizes and styles, the operator makes a minor adjustment.


  • It requires the services of an operator.
  • The operator needs to make a minor adjustment when the cases are of different sizes.
  • Ideal for smaller volumes of cases of similar sizes.
  • They seal both the top and bottom of the case.

Random Carton Sealers

Random carton sealers are a great choice of machines for sealing boxes of various sizes.  They can adjust the height of their tape head to any carton size. Also, the tape head contains sensory equipment and can either go higher or lower until it locales its appropriate height. Finally, the case goes through a powerful roller system and then seals the flaps.

Random Carton Sealing machines are ideal for different sizes of cartons. The machine is designed in a way that it can adjust itself automatically based on the size of each carton. Because random carton sealers have more mechanical and technological parts, they are usually costlier than uniform sealers. Therefore, they are ideal for  different sizes of cartons.

Random Carton Sealing machines are also of two types which are automatic and semi-automatic versions.

Automatic Random Carton Sealers

Automatic Random Carton Sealers provide full automation sealing for different sizes of cases. To operate it, first introduce different sizes of cartons. And the automated arms will find the height of the box; then, the sealer will fold the top flaps of the package. After folding the flaps, the case will move through the tape head and seal the flaps. Then, the sealed packages move to the back end of the carton sealer for handling.

Automatic Random Carton Sealers are great for high-volume package sealing and can handle up to 15 to 20 cases in a minute.


  • It’s fully automated and doesn’t need an operator for folding the flaps.
  • Can work on boxes of different sizes, one after another.
  • They are great for high-volume package sealing.

Semi-Automatic Random Carton Sealers

Semi-Automatic Random Carton Sealers offer a simple and easy way to seal cases of random sizes. However, it requires an operator to fold the box’s top flaps, unlike the automatic random machine. The operator folds it and introduces the box into the Carton Sealer to commence the sealing. Then, the semi-automatic Carton Sealer adjusts to the height and size of the box and moves through the case via the tape head. Then, finished boxes move out the back of the machine to a conveyor system.


  • It requires an operator.
  • It automatically adjusts for each size case processed.
  • It’s best for the manufacturing process that needs different sizes of cases to be processed by a Carton Sealer.
  • It can adjust automatically to various case heights and widths.
  • Seals both the top and bottom of the case

Why Do You Need Carton Sealers?

Even though you can seal your products manually, you cannot get the maximum protection and packaging for your goods. Carton sealers help to provide maximum safety and packaging for your products.  Here are reasons for opting for carton sealers:

  • Carton sealers ensure proper packaging for shipping or storage.
  • They also keep your product protected from pests, contaminants, and pilfering.
  • They prevent the risk of repetitive strain injury suffered by manual operators.
  • They save time and energy as opposed to hand taping, which can be time-wasting.

How to Choose the Right Carton Sealer for Your Business

Having seen the types of carton sealers and their various features, you might be confused about the right carton sealer to buy for your business. If that resonates with you right now, I’ve got you covered.

Here, I will guide you through the factors to consider before buying a carton sealer. This guide will help you make the best purchasing decision why buying your carton sealer.

The number of boxes you are sealing: You need to consider the number of boxes or cartons you will be sealing. If they are numerous, you should consider getting an automatic Carton Sealer to ease the process.

  • Sizes and Type of Boxes You are Sealing: You should also consider the type of boxes you are sealing. If the boxes are of uniform shape and sizes, go for opting for uniform Carton Sealers. If they are of different shapes, opt for random Carton Sealers.
  • Cost of the Machine: Another factor to consider is the cost of the sealer. Automatic Carton Sealers are usually more expensive. Hence, you have to consider the cost as well.
  • Available Space: You also need to consider the available space for keeping the carton sealers. Automatic Carton Sealers are larger; hence they require more space. So, if you opt for automatic Carton Sealers, you need to consider the available space.

If you want to know more about how to choose the right Carton Sealer, please visit the guide.

Carton sealers are important to provide maximum protection and packaging for your goods. So, they are better than manual sealers. Carton sealers are broadly divided into random sealers and uniform sealers. In addition, you have to consider the sealing effect.

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