What Affects The Speed Of The Carton Erector

What Affects The Speed Of The Carton Erector

We often use carton erectors in fully automatic production. However, in the actual use process, the speed of the machine is different. And Speed will affect carton sizes and work efficiency. So What affects the speed of the Carton Erector?

The main factors that affect the speed of the carton erector are the motor, carton sizes, the thickness and material of the carton, and workers place cartons’ speed, etc. Servo motor will make the speed faster. Larger cartons will slow down.

Now let’s look at these factors in detail!


The motor is an important factor that affects speed. The speed of an ordinary carton erector is 10-20 cartons/min. The high-speed carton erector’s speed is 40-60 cartons/min. Because the high-speed carton erector uses a servo motor and the common carton erector uses an ordinary motor.

Carton Sizes

Generally speaking, the speed of taller and larger cartons will be slower than common cartons. The process of sealing larger cartons is more laborious, so the speed will Slow down.

The Thickness And Material Of The Carton

Secondly, it is related to the thickness and material of the carton. Thicker or harder cartons will affect the speed. You can mail a sample carton to us to test.

Workers Place Cartons’ Speed

When we are selecting the carton erector, we should confirm our works’ speed. As carton sealers’ factory, we suggest that you must consider it.

Of course, speed is important. In addition to speed, we also have to consider quality when we are choosing the carton erector. The specifications of cartons will affect sealing speed, so we should consider carton sizes. In addition, it is necessary to combine our business conditions, such as the machine size, area as well as transportation.

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