13 Golden Tips For Safe Carton Sealer Usage

use carton sealer safely

With a flourishing packaging industry, there is the need for many new pieces of machinery. Although they weren’t as common in the previous decades. Then comes the question of safety with using machinery. That’s where you’ll ask how to use a carton machine safely! Well, here’s a breakdown for you.

There are many ways in which you can safely use a carton sealing machine. When sealing a box or carton, keep in mind that you must follow all the instructions to the core.

Carton sealers aren’t particularly harmful but sometimes there can be damages. Like tearing of the skin, abrasion, a cut, or hearing issues if the equipment is too loud. So to help you not get hurt and make the best out of your carton sealer, here’s a guideline for handling it!

Following are some tips that help you to deal with carton sealing machines.

1. Keep The Dangling Stuff Away

When operating a carton sealer, a common injury that occurs is when the operator’s wearing jewelry or strappy clothing. His/her accessories get stuck in the conveyor belt. As it is a fast-moving strap of tough material, it immediately drags the operator into the machine. This can be quite hazardous. It must at all times be kept in mind to keep chains, necklaces, and dangling threads away from industrial level carton sealing equipment.

2. Switch and Wire Health

We often ignore this factor when heavy machinery is being dealt with. Often the conditions of the switches and wires can lead to electric shocks. It is a safety measure to look for live wires. Even broken coatings and any contact between metal and electricity might cause damage.

3. Considering The Environment

If you live in a corrosive environment with saltier air, or you are into seafood packaging, you must know that your carton sealer will need some special customization. For example, always use stainless steel framework for seafood carton sealers. It is due to the humidity levels. Similarly, for hot and cold temperatures, it is always good to study your environment. Then you can go on with purchasing a carton sealer.

4. Stay Away From Hot Parts

Skin damage or burning can be a result of direct exposure to the hot parts of the machine as well. In some cases, the carton sealers use hot glue which can be harmful to the operator if he/she is not careful enough. It is always better to study your carton sealer equipment before starting to operate it. Do not do it without any safety instructions.

5. Safe Operation Equipment

If they have asked for you to use gloves, use them. If you’ve been instructed to never operate it barefoot, follow the instruction. If you’ve been told to use safety gear, please be mindful that you must put it to use. This is to avoid any and every type of accident that you can.

6. Attention Hazard Warnings

During the risk assessment of a carton sealer, there is a manual prepared for hazards. It is the most ignored part of information often by operators. Those safety hazards are there for a reason. It becomes super important to keep them in consideration. Don’t pack away the guidelines for safety in a box. Tear them from them the booklet and paste them on the wall next to your machine. This is for constant reminders for you and everybody else in contact with the machine.

7. Frequent Maintenance

Before maintenance, the maintenance personnel must always read the manual. One more way to safely use a carton sealer is to not let it scream for help! It happens when the machine is neglected for far too long. It starts to take revenge on the operator often causing difficulty in operating. If, for instance, the warning light or sound of your machine is not working, it will cause trouble in the long run. Similarly, look for warning signs in your equipment. If it is too loud while being operated or if it makes weird sounds when on standby, you might want to get it checked. Do not ignore funny smells and other tell-tale signs as well. Small maintenance seems tedious and hard but believes us, it helps you a lot!

8. Use Top-Notch Materials

Sometimes to save money or time, we use subpar equipment to just get by with our days. It is not okay! Use the materials that guarantee safety for both your machine and the operator. Moreover, the dismantling and installation need to be done by professionals. They know what they are doing to avoid any problems. Don’t let a caveman set up your carton sealer, opt for trained personnel. Trust us, it is hard as it is to get a general error fixed, let alone one that is caused by ignorant handling.

9. Space Setting Properly

Always set up a proper space for your machinery like carton sealers. It’s better to place your carton sealing machine in an open airy place to avoid stuffy environments. A well-ventilated area will ensure you go through the least amount of trouble. All the while your carton sealer will function at its best capacity. It will not only increase the life of your machine but also keep your operator happy and healthy.

10. Training

Do not operate or touch the machine without sufficient training. 99% of injuries caused by carton sealers can be avoided if the operator is familiar with the working of a carton sealer. If the safety instructions are read and understood, you won’t have a problem. Don’t just tell the ex-operator to fill in the new operator through word of mouth. Set aside some time for the new one to understand the working and hazards involved.

11. Keep A Safe Distance

The operator must keep in mind at all times that he/she must not place themselves in the way of the moving parts of the machine. When the carton sealer is in a working position, keep a safe distance.

12. Switch Caution

Please be sure to unplug the carton sealer whenever you’re operating upon it directly. For instance, if you are unloading or loading, the power supply and air source must be turned off. Even if you have some minor repair or maintenance to go through with, do the same.

13. Installation By The Manual

Always bear in mind the installation and commission instructions on the manual. Follow them thoroughly and avoid any inconvenience. For instance, the tape must have the adhesive side up and it can cause you some trouble if the tape is put in wrongly. Be mindful of that!

Carton sealers are really not a hard nut to crack but you just have to be a little mindful of what you’re doing. Remember, machinery is already preapproved to keep you safe. But it doesn’t harm to be a little more cautious with your approach! Happy Sealing!

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