Side Push Type Case Packer

Weight 1500 kg
Dimensions 2200 × 1600 × 2400 mm
Design capacity

Max 500 cartons/h

Real packing capacity


Carton size

min 220×150×120
max 600×400×400



Air pressure


Details About Side Push Type Case Packer

This Side Push Type Case Packer mainly consist of Carton erector, Case packer(side push type), Carton sealer, details as below:
Case Erector
It can automatically open the carton box, folding and tape sealing the bottom, which is economical and efficient.

case erector

Case Packer
After automatic palletization of the product, push it into the carton for packing.
case packer

Carton Sealer
It can automatic fold the upper leaf and tape sealing it.
carton sealer

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