How To Use The Automatic Flap Carton Sealer?

flap carton sealing machine

The automatic carton sealing machine is also called a tape sealing machine, or a carton sealer. It uses BOPP adhesive tape (also called sealing tape) to seal up and down of cartons. It is mainly used for carton sealing and packaging. It can be used on a stand-alone machine or with an assembly line.

It is widely used in household appliances, textiles, food, department stores, medicine, chemicals, and other industries. The carton sealing machine uses tape to seal the carton, which is cheap, fast, and easy to adjust. It can complete the automatic top and bottom sealing actions at one time. If using the printing tape, the product image can be improved.

The carton sealing machine is a necessary tool and plays an important role in the production.

flap carton sealer parts

1. Install and stretch the tape

You need to adjust the tape to the middle position when install the tape. It is recommended that the width of the tape be 45-75mm. The longer the tape, the better, as this will reduce the frequency of repalce the tape.

2. Connect the air pipe to the air compressor and adjust the air pressure.

The air pressure is generally 0.5-0.7Mpa.

3. Adjust the position of the side pressure roller.

4. Adjust the position of the swing rod

According to the width and height of the carton, adjust the swing rod to the appropriate position.

5. Start the machine

Press the ON button of the switch to turn on the power.

6. Push the carton and sealing

Push the carton (the sealing cover of the box must be erected), and release your hand when it is driven by the conveyor belt.

When the carton touches the control switch of the rear folding cover, the cylinder piston extends and pushes the rear folding cover to rise.

When all the carton passes through the rear folding cover control switch, the rear folding cover control switch is reset, at this time the cylinder piston shrinks, the rear folding cover plate falls down, and presses the rear cover of the carton.

The two side covers of the carton can complete the folding action of the side covers under the action of the swing rod, and the purpose of folding and sealing the box can be completed. Then the tape applicator completes the work of applying the sealing tape.

The order of folding cover is: front cover, back cover, left and right side covers.

7. Stop the carton sealer

Press the switch OFF key, disconnect the power supply, and stop the machine.

Some tips for using the carton sealer processes.

1. The selected carton is a machine carton, and the weight should not be too light. Generally, there is often a case of jamming when the carton sealing machine seals the empty carton. Because the weight of the carton is too light when it travels to the middle of the machine core, so the tape cannot be pushed forward.

2. The belt should not clamp the carton too tight. The belt tightens the carton to make the carton move forward better, but if the clip is too tight, the belt will leave a mark on the carton, which will have a great impact on the aesthetics of the carton.

3. You need to clean the carton sealer especially the part of the cutter. Beacuse the machine will leave residues of tape which then adhere to some dust and other substances. After a long time, it will greatly affect the sealing performance.

If you have any other questions in the process of using carton sealers, welcome to chat with our experts.

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