How To Maintain A Carton Sealer

carton sealer maintenance

Cartons have been preserving goods and products for many years. They come in different sizes and colors, and they are easy to use. Today, most manufacturers use carton sealing machines for packaging their products.

Quality packaging starts from your production floor to the door of your final customer. When your carton sealer is in good condition, you can be sure of its effectiveness. As a leading manufacturer of carton sealers in China, Sting Auto Pack provides maintenance services and advice for numerous customers across the globe.

The three primary forms of maintenance necessary for case sealers are as follows:

  • Preventive Maintenance: This happens frequently, and it is geared towards preventing anything that can lead to the machine’s malfunction.
  • Routine Maintenance: This form of maintenance happens at specific intervals, and it is done to keep the machine in good condition.
  • Improvement Maintenance: Here, improvements are made on the parts of the carton sealer to enhance its functionality.

As you proceed further in this article, you will better understand each maintenance technique and when they are required. But, first off, let’s start with the basics.

What Is A Carton Sealer?

A carton sealer is also known as a box sealer. Just as the name implies, it is the equipment used for sealing cartons during packing. A carton sealer makes use of an adhesive and tape, or only tape.

The tapes mainly used by a carton sealer are the box sealing tapes and the water activation tape. A good carton sealer has a tape head and a case erector. The tape head is the Part that has provision for the tape or the adhesive. At the same time, the case erector is for sealing the bottom of the boxes.

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Types of Carton Sealers

Carton sealers can be classified in several ways. For the sake of this article, we shall consider the classification based on automation. By this, we refer to how they operate. In this regard, Carton sealers can be classified in four significant ways;

  • For semi-automated sealers, there is a need for a human operator to be present at the sealing point. This type of carton sealer makes sure the sealing of the carton is done under human supervision. First, the operator assists the case sealer by folding the bottom and the top flaps. Then, if the bottom flaps are already sealing, the operator arranges the box at the machine’s mouth. Then he sends them in, one after the other, for the device to seal the carton.
  • In automated sealers, there is no need for human supervision of the process. The operation of this machine is such that it applies tapes to the bottom and top flaps without any need for human help. However, the sealing tapes used in this type of machine usually need to be carefully considered. This is because some tapes are not good with machine applications. As a result, they end up roughening or damaged during use. This is an avoidable wastage that no manufacturer wants to have.
  • Seal-only case sealers only seal the boxes without filling them up with the products to be packaged. This type requires a large amount of human involvement.
  • The manual box sealer does not seal any flap on the box. Instead, the human operator closes the box while the sealer holds the box to ensure that the tape is applied correctly.

How To Maintain a Carton Sealer

For your carton sealing machine, proper maintenance is essential to keep it functional for many years. There are a few steps to maintain a carton sealer properly, and they are easy to follow. First off, you need to know that there are slight variations in how the several carton sealer types discussed earlier are to be maintained. Moreso, the Automatic and Semi-automatic ones require more frequent maintenance than the other types.

Preventive Maintenance: 

  • Just as the name implies, this type of maintenance is carried out to prevent machine damage.
  • This type of maintenance is done by carrying out frequent routine checks on essential components of the machine. This is to know if the engine is okay or something is about to go wrong.

Routine Maintenance: 

  • This type of maintenance involves periodic checks to make sure the equipment is in order.
  • Prepare a schedule for regular inspection, which could be daily, weekly, or bi-weekly.
  • The checks might involve lubrication, cleaning, adjustment, and replacement of parts.
  • Routine maintenance should never be done once a month. This is because impending damage might not be noticed on time if the check is done over a long period.

Improvement Maintenance: 

  • This type of maintenance involves the replacement of parts of the machine.
  • It doesn’t have to happen every time, but it is vital to keep the machine working at its optimum.
  • It improves the overall quality and efficiency of the machine.

Maintenance for Automatic and Semi-automatic Carton Sealers


  • Regular lubrication is essential for the health of an automatic or semi-automatic carton sealer. This is because machines are made up of several moving parts interacting with each other.
  • Whenever a surface rubs against another surface, friction occurs. As the Carton Sealer keeps functioning, the wheels, engines, and other working parts inside the machine would rub against each other.
  • Since most of the components are metallic, the heat generated from the friction is high. This heat can cause wear and tear of the Part if not controlled.
  • The essential parts of Automatic and semi-automatic Carton Sealers that need frequent lubrication are the rotating parts.
  • The CAM mechanism and chain components should receive lubrication every fifteen to forty hours of working. Ensuring that the oil’s viscosity is consistent, at about 47-53mm2/ S50°C, is vital. A calcium-based grease should also be used for greasing the gear mesh.


  • All parts of the machine should be kept clean at all times.
  • You can ensure this by wiping it with a clean clean dry cloth anytime you notice an accumulation of dirt.
  • Avoid cleaning the machine with soap and water.
  • Ensure oil does not get into some delicate parts—especially the synchronous toothed belt and transmission belt to avoid damage.

Filter Screen Maintenance

  • Depending on the usage of the machine, the filter screen of the gun seat and glue machine should be cleaned regularly.
  • If the machine works for eight hours a day, you should clean the filter screens once every three months. However, if the usage of the machine is more than eight hours a day, you should clean both filter screens at least once a month.

Routine Shutdowns

  • Do not overuse the carton sealer. For the carton sealer to have more extended productivity, you have to schedule a routine shutdown.
  • This should take place every three to four months to ensure that its parts are functioning correctly.
  • During the shutdown period, check the transmission chain and other surrounding areas. You do this to ensure that the tension is tight and in good shape. If it is not in good condition, you have to repair it or replacement.
  • If you notice that the chain is loose, you should tighten it appropriately.

Consult Experts in Case of Breakdown

Only a trained expert should be allowed to carry out repairs on the machine in case of a breakdown. This is to further problem as disassembling the engine without the help of a professional can damage the device.

Maintenance for Manual and Seal-only Sealer


  • Routine cleaning is essential to get rid of dirt and dust from your machine.
  • Cleaning should only be done with a clean and dry cloth.


The engine’s moving parts need to be lubricated regularly to prevent the wear and tear of the equipment.

Routine Checks

You have to create a schedule for carrying out routine checks on your Manual and Seal-only machines. This will allow you to diagnose issues early.

Contract You Repairs To Experts Only

Only a trained expert should be allowed to carry out repairs on the carton sealer. Disassembling and assembling the machine should be prohibited.


Carton sealing machines have made the carton sealing process easier and faster. However, depending on the level of automation you require, you may have to invest in an Automated or Semi-automated carton sealer. These come at a high cost, and you need to get the best out of this investment.

The efficiency and durability of your Carton sealer will depend on your maintenance culture. However, if you follow the details as recommended in this article, your sealer will  last for a reasonable amount of time and enjoy optimal functionality and efficiency.

At Sting Auto Pack, you can purchase any carton sealing machine that your work requires. A team of experts is also available to provide after-sales services and ensure your device serves its purpose. Visit this link to learn more about Sting Auto Pack manufacturing company.

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