How To Install Tape On The Carton Sealer

How To Install Tape On The Carton Sealer

Installing tape is one of the necessary tasks during the use of carton sealer. This seemingly simple thing hides a lot of primary questions. So, how to install it?

Tape Installing

First, roll the tape on the mandrel as shown. Pull out the tape, around roller A, then around roller B, then around roller C, then through tape seat D, and out through the front side of roller E.
Note: When wearing tape, be sure that the adhesive side of the tape faces outward.

tape threading diagram
tape threading diagram

Tape Direction Adjustment

The tape can be adjusted to the centerline position of the carton on the mandrel. If the tape is not at the centerline position of the carton, please refer to the figure below. Loosen the nut and turn the threaded mandrel until the tape moves to the centerline of the carton.

Rubber Roller Tension Adjustment

As shown in the figure below, when nut A is tightened, the pulling force on the two rubber rollers will increase, otherwise the pulling force will decrease. The purpose of this adjustment is to ensure that the tape attached to the carton is free of wrinkles.

tape threading diagram

3 Tips For Installing Tape

Users only need to install it according to the diagram, but pay attention to the following points:
1. The installation with rolls should be firm. Tape roll for carton sealer is done by three retainer springs, and the clamping force of these three retainer Springs is very large. During installation, users must fix the tape roll very firmly on the machine. Otherwise, the tape may fall off during the operation of the machine.

2. The tape surface should be installed smoothly. After the tape is pulled out from the machine, there may be some wrinkles. This fold must be smooth before sealing the box on the carton sealer. Otherwise,  will affect the sealing effect . 

3. Try to avoid dust on the sticky side of the tape. When installing the tape roll for the first time, the installer’s hands will accidentally touch the adhesive surface of the tape. It will reduce the viscosity of the tape and affect the sealing quality. Therefore, dust should be avoided when installing the tape roll.

If you encounter some problems when installing the tape, you can refer to the following article: Carton Sealer Troubleshooting Guide.

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