How To Install And Use Carton Sealer

Install and Use Carton Sealer

Many products need to be packed in cartons. The manual sealing is inefficient and wastes consumables. The carton sealer solves this problem. For users who use the carton sealer for the first time, they are not familiar with the machine. Below, STING will introduce how to use the machine.

Carton Sealer Installation

Get a carton sealer, the most important thing for us is to install the machine. So how to install it?

1. Install the machine in the working position.
2. Adjust the height of the feet to make the height of the work surface meet the requirements (530mm adjustable height).
3. Press the stopper of the four corner wheels and secure the rack.
4. Connect the gas source as required.
5. Adjust the conveyor channel size to make it suitable for conveying cartons.
6. Install the conveyor roller table, put the roller table close to the frame, and hang it on the hook.

carton sealer structure

Install Tape

First, roll the tape on the mandrel as shown. Pull out the tape, around roller A, then around roller B, then around roller C, then through tape seat D, and out through the front side of roller E.
When wearing tape, be sure that the adhesive side of the tape faces outward.

tape threading diagram

Tape Adjustment

1. Is not the tape at the centerline position of the carton?
Method: Please refer to the figure below. Loosen the nut and turn the threaded mandrel until the tape moves to the centerline of the carton.
2. Cardboard box is sealed before sealing, wrinkled at the back edge.
Method: Rubber roller tension adjustment.
As shown in the figure below, when the nut A is tightened, the pulling force on the two rubber rollers will increase. So the tape attached to the carton is free of wrinkles.
tape threading diagram
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