How to Choose the Right Carton Sealer

How to choose Carton Sealers

Businesses that package their products in boxes need a carton sealer. The choice that you make will determine the efficiency of your processes. This article will help you learn how to choose the best carton sealer for your business.

The market has various types and models of case sealers. When choosing one, you need to consider the number of boxes you seal daily. The other factors are box size, how you need the boxes sealed, and workforce. You can also look at machine performance, ease of maintenance and budget. Also check power, space, shipping damages or theft, and the available customization options.

Keep on reading to understand how each of these points affects the choice of a carton sealer. This article has a lot of information that will help you to choose an ideal carton sealer. It is better to start by understanding what is a carton sealer before moving forward.

What is a Carton Sealer?

A carton sealer is a machine used to apply tape on packaged boxes that are ready for shipping. There is no need for your team members to waste a lot of their time by applying tape to each box.

With an automated case sealer, you will be able to handle this task well and faster. Buying this machine will help in the automation of your business processes.

It is also referred to as a box taping machine or carton sealer. It carries a box or case down the conveyor system and through two cartridges that dispense tape each.

These cartilages will apply tape to the box as it continues to move down the line. It is one of the best inventions in the modern world.

With a carton sealer, you will enhance the efficiency of your processes. It makes the whole process faster and cheaper in the long run. Buying this equipment is one of the best investments for your business.

What are the Types of Carton Sealers?

There are four main types of carton sealers in the market. These include the uniform semi-automatic and random semi-automatic. The other two are the uniform fully automatic and random fully automatic sealers. Let us describe each of them to help you get a better understanding of the same.

Uniform Semi-Automatic Carton Sealer

This machine is the best if you are running uniform box sizes. You will need an operator to fold the box flaps and then introduce the carton to the machine.

The machines seal both the bottom and the top of the box. If you need to seal a different case size, the operator does not have to make any tool adjustments. Thus, it takes very little time and effort to operate this machine.

Random Semi-Automatic Carton Sealer

The case sealer is ideal when you need to tape various sizes of boxes, one after another. You will also need an operator to help in folding the case flaps and then introduce the boxes to the machine.

This machine adjusts to different case widths and heights. It also seals both the bottom and top sections of the box.

Uniform FullyAutomatic Carton Sealer

The machine is ideal for continuous runs of the same size of boxes. In this case, you will not need an operator to fold the flaps.

Once you set the machine to particular case size, it folds the top flaps. It then seals both the bottom and top of the case. If you need to run a different case size, the operator makes a simple no-tool adjustments. It takes minimal time to make these adjustments.

Random Fully Automatic Carton Sealer

If you need to tape various boxes one after another, this case sealer is a perfect choice for you. In this case, there is no need for an operator to fold the box flaps.

Also, you don’t need any setup for random size boxes and continuous runs. Since it is a fully automatic machine, you start the various sized boxes and run them.

Which Carton Sealer is Right for Me?

Several factors determine the best carton sealer for your needs. It is good to pay attention to each of them to make the right choice. The main ones include:

How Many Boxes

cardboard boxes

The number of boxes that you need to seal represents your rate of production. You don’t want to get a machine that cannot handle your work. If you put too much pressure on the carton sealer, it will break down after some time.

What this implies is that you will need to get another case sealer after a short period. There is no need to expose yourself to such unnecessary expenses.

Make sure that you are getting a carton sealer that will work for your production rate. The case sealer should be able to maximize your throughput and also manage your demand. Making the wrong decision can cause inconveniences to your customers.

If you need to run approximately 50 boxes per day in your operation, a semi-automatic case sealer is okay. It is an excellent choice if you are beginning to automate your business operations.

Fully automatic case sealers are ideal for high production rates of about 250 boxes. The market has several other options of carton sealer. The most important thing is to ensure that your production moves at the right speed.

If you are not sure of a suitable machine, make sure you get some recommendations from the vendor. These experts are in a better position to analyze your production speed and guide you.

Boxes Size

Carton sealers can tape different sizes of boxes. Thus, you need to do an inventory of all your case sizes, from the smallest to the largest. Get a carton sealer that is compatible with all these sizes.

The capacity of the case sealer tends to vary from one model to another. The case remains even if you are dealing with the same line of carton sealers. this feature and make sure that you are making the right choice.

How do You need Your Box Sealed?

How you need your box sealed is a critical consideration when looking for an ideal carton sealer. How you need to seal the box will determine the number need heads that you need in the machine.

After picking and packing your product in the box, the operator will feed the box in the carton sealer. After sealing, your product will be ready for shipping. It can be frustrating to discover that the equipment you bought cannot seal the box well.

There are four types of carton sealing: Top and Bottom, Bottom Seal Only, Side Seal, 4-Edge Seal 

carton sealing type


Several options exist when you are buying a case sealer. It all depends on what you have in your mind. First, you may need an operator to help in the sealing process. You may also want fully-automated process where your production line has conveyors.

Check your capacity to hire human resources and then make the right choice. If getting skilled workers proves to be challenging, automation is the best alternative.

Good in Performance

The issue of performance is critical when shopping for a carton sealer. You don’t want a machine that will be too slow for your business operations. If you force the carton sealer to exceed its operational capabilities, it can break down.

Slow running carton sealers affect all the other activities in your supply chain. Analyze your current and future needs and choose equipment that will meet them. The machine’s performance varies from one to another. You have to choose a perfect match for your business.

Easy to Maintain

Buying a cheap machine that has high maintenance costs will end up being costly in the long run. Like other products in the market, you will always get what you pay for when shopping for a carton sealer.

It is better to pay a higher initial cost but save on the maintenance requirements. The best way to understand the maintenance needs is reading customer reviews. Make sure you understand the long run implications of buying a particular carton sealer. This info will help you to make an informed decision.

Within Your Budget

It sounds obvious that you cannot buy a carton sealer that you can’t afford. Also consider the long-run costs of maintaining the machine.

A case sealer may appear to be cheap but end up being the most expensive in the long run. Thus, you need to analyze the cost and compare it with the quality of the equipment. It is always good to go for a case sealer that gives you the value for your money.

Customization Available

In most cases, you will find yourself sealing different sizes of cartons. You may have boxes of different sizes passing through the production line. Consider a piece of equipment that can adjust itself.

If not, you will need an operator to adjust the setting before passing a different box size. Not all carton sealers can adjust. Auto-adjusting or random carton sealers are ideal when you have different box sizes.

These machines don’t need manual adjustments on the tape heads before each case. You can go for a standard sealer model if you are dealing with a uniform case size.


All carton sealers rely on power to apply tape to your boxes. The power consumption-ability of each machine is different. Those machines that consume a lot of power tend to be the most effective.

It is good to look for something that you can afford as a business person. Don’t compromise on the efficiency of work by buying machines that consume less power. After all, the best carton sealers will always pay for their costs.

There is no harm in getting a carton sealer that uses more power. Most of them enhance your business operations’ efficiency. You will report higher sales and profits because of these machines.


Carton sealers come in various sizes. You don’t want to buy something that will not fit the current space that you have on your premises. Thus, analyze the current space that you have and get a machine that will fit there.

Shipping Damages or Theft

Like other tools, there is a possibility of damages or theft during the shipping of the carton sealer. The best vendor will cushion you against such eventualities. Go for a vendor who offers insurance for the machine when it is under transit.

You will be sure to get the carton sealer when it is in perfect condition with this in place. If something goes wrong before delivery, the supplier will bear the liability. The most important thing is getting a carton sealer that is in perfect working condition.


Choosing the right carton sealer will enhance the efficiency of your processes. The process of applying tape to your boxes will be cheaper and faster in the long-run. You need to consider several factors for you to choose the right case sealer. This article summarizes all this information to help you make the right choice.

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