How To Choose The Lubricating Oil For The Carton Sealer

Choose The Lubricating Oil For The Carton Sealer

Lubricating oil plays a great role in the maintenance and repair of the carton sealer. So how to choose the lubricating oil for the carton sealer?   

When choosing lubricating oil, we need to consider the compressed gas, lubricating oil viscosity, etc. In addition, I will also introduce alternatives to his lubricants.

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Choose According To The Compressed Gas


If the compressed gas is oxygen, we can use oil-free or industrial glycerin for lubrication. Remember, you must not use mineral lubricants. Otherwise, it may cause burning or explosion.


If the compressed gas is chlorine, we can use oil-free or solid lubricating oil to lubricate.


If the compressed gas is ethylene, we usually use medical white oil or Shijing lubricating oil. Do not use mineral lubricants to avoid affecting the performance of the carton sealer.

We will use mineral lubricants only when the compressed gas is air, inert gas, nitrogen, etc.

Selection Of Lubricating Oil Viscosity

Lubricating oil with higher viscosity will be a good choice for multi-stage, high-pressure, or high exhaust temperature hydrocarbon carton sealers or air-type carton sealers with higher air humidity. The lubricating oil with higher viscosity has good adhesion to metal and better sealing performance. In addition, we can use 3%-5% of lubricating oil mixed with mineral oil to prevent condensed liquid hydrocarbons and water in the air from washing the wall cylinder. Because animal oil has stronger adhesion to metal and strong washing resistance, it can effectively prevent the loss of lubricating oil.

Replacement Of lubricating Oil

As an alternative, you can also use anti-rust and anti-oxidant turbine oil or aviation lubricating oil, cylinder oil, etc. But these substitutes should meet the requirements for use under corresponding conditions.

When the carton sealer is lubricated, whether the lubrication of the external parts and internal parts are the same type of lubricating oil has no effect. If it is the lubrication of external transmission parts, it is necessary to use mineral lubricating oil.

The above method of selecting lubricating oil for the carton sealer is shared here. In general, the choice of lubricating oil depends on the structure type, working parameters, compression ratio, exhaust pressure, and exhaust temperature of the machine, as well as various factors such as the nature of the compressed gas. So we need to consider a variety of factors to make a selection.

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