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Carton sealers are not a hard nut to crack. you just need to know your way around the kind of machinery that you’re dealing with and you’re good to go. 

A carton sealer is a machine that is used to seal cartons with the help of tape or hot glue. It usually works by holding in place the erected case and taping it up into its 3D formation. Different types of adhesive materials can be used to set in pace but tapes are most common. 

If you are looking for a guideline to understand how a case sealer works, this article will be really helpful to you. 

How Does A Case Sealer Work?

There are a few differences that come with different types of cases but the working mechanism of case sealers remains the same throughout. Regular carton sealers have a belt for the movement of the box and a tape holder that dispenses the required amount of tape. Once the carton is placed on the machine, it is moved forward and taped according to size and height.

Usually, a case sealer will seal only one side until the carton is filled with items and products, then it can see the other side. The process is seamless and takes very little time with all different types of case sealers.

Types of Case Sealers

There are four different types of case sealers that you will come across in the market:

Uniform Semi-Automatic Case Sealers

This type of case sealer requires an operator to move one box after another. also it cannot deal with boxes of different sizes and must only rely on similar sized boxes.

Uniform Fully Automatic Case Sealers

This type of carton sealer works on a similar principle to the semi-automatic one but it does not require the help of an operator to move the boxes. It uses a similar size of cartons but that can be changed with one manual setting 

Random Semi-Automatic Case Sealers

This type of case sealer requires an operator but it can deal with all different types of sizes of cartons and you do not need to make manual adjustments for each different size. An operator will just put forward the case to be sealed.

Random Fully Automatic Case Sealers

This one is a fully automatic type of case sealer that does not require an operator at any moment.  It can seal boxes and cartons of any size continuously.

Tips and Tricks For Better Working Of Case Sealers

Keeping in mind the following tips and tricks can really help you make the best use out of your carton sealer:

  • Always be vigilant when operating manually.
  • The operator must be knowledgeable of the machine functions
  • Know your sealer’s strength and do not overburden the machine
  • It is always good to follow an instructional manual that comes with the machine
  • Maintenance is everything when it comes to a longer life for your carton sealer

If you want to know more about how to use the carton sealer safely, please read 13 Golden Tips For Safe Carton Sealer Usage

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