How Does A Case Erector Work?

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Case erectors may seem complicated at first but with the help of this article, you will be able to make one work very easily. Just follow the tips and you are good! 

Case Erectors are machines that are used to set up flat corrugated boxes in full 3D box form. Case Erectors come in handy because they eliminate the need to stop the packing package so that workers can set up the boxes from their flattened form. 

Case Erectors only cause trouble if you do not know what you are dealing with. If you look into the following guideline, we are pretty sure that you will have no issue with your case erectors.  

How Does A Case Erector Work?

The technique is fairly similar for both types of case erectors but it only differs a little bit when manual labor is involved. Here is the difference.

Automatic Case Erector 

An automatic case erector consists of a holder for unerected cartons. It also has clasps that help lift the flattened box and place it on the metallic holders where it is folded from the bottom. Later the one-side folded box is moved forward on a belt or rollers depending on the brand you are using. Automatic case erectors work excellently with case sealers and your product is packed with absolutely no human intervention.

Semi Automatic Case Erector

A semi automatic case erector is just slightly different from the automatic one. It also has a compartment to hold all the flattened unerected boxes. It does the folding for you but it requires an operator to push the box forward during that process. It also works really well with the carton sealer.

Types of Case Erectors

Automatic Case Erector

An automatic case erector does not require any such human intervention to operate it. It is completely independent and your effort is minimal. It comes with a manual usually and if you follow it, you are good to go.

Semi Automatic Case Erector

A semi automatic case erector requires some help from human beings to fully erect a carton or case into a box ready for packaging. It may not be as easy to operate as the automatic one.

Vertical Carton Erector

vertical carton erector

A vertical case erector is the best solution for packing items that can tip over easily when pushed, such as loose tubes and irregularly shaped bottles. They will seal vertical cartons. Vertical carton erector’s speed ups to 0-15 cartons/min,suitable for low speed production line. It is low cost and suitable for small businesses.

Horizontal Carton Erector

horizontal carton erector

They offer an excellent solution when dealing with rigid items that can be easily pushed and stacked such as soaps and carton bundles. They will seal horizontal cartons. Horizontal carton erector’s speed ups to 40 cartons/min,suitable for large batch cartons. Howerver, it will a bit more expensive than vertical carton erector, but more stable. So their maintenance cost is low.

Tips and Tricks For Better Working Of Case Erectors

  • It is great to keep in mind the following tips and tricks if you want to make your case erector work really well.
  • It is always important to take care that your erector is placed in an open and airy space for the machine to work properly.
  • Wherever the involvement of an operator is required, they must be fully knowledgeable of the machine in use.
  • Familiarity with the manual of the machine is also an important step to understanding how well your machine can work.
  • Maintenance is also one of the key factors in the long life of a machine. We urge you to not compromise on the maintenance.

For more advice on maintaining and repairing the carton erector, please refer to Carton Erector Maintenance And Repair.

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