Case Erector Troubleshooting Guide

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You may encounter some problems during using the carton erector. Here are some common problems.

1 The carton erector cannot start normally

Check and power on.
Reset the emergency button if it is not reset.
The start button does not work, you can replace with new button.
Close the safety door if it is not closed.

2 Suction cup failure

Reason: The suction cup is damaged or air pressure is insufficient.
Method: Replace a new suction cup or adjust the air pressure.

3 Sealing tape abnormal

①Tape cutting
Reason: The blade is not sharp or taped
Method: Replace the blade and wipe the knife

②The tape has been cut but dragged
Reason: The knife holder is stuck, the action is not flexible or the spring is not tight enough
Method: Check the screws of various parts of the tape applicator, or adjust Tension spring

③The tape has been cut but not fit the box surface
Reason: The main tension spring is too loose, the rear wheel rebound speed is not matches the belt speed
Method: Moderately tighten the main tension spring screws

④The carton went to the middle and was stuck
Reason: The main tension spring is too-tight, the front wheel is trapped in the middle
Method: Moderately relax the main tension spring of the tape wheel

⑤Tape is easy to fall
Reason: One-way roller loses effectiveness
Method: Replace the new one-way roller

⑥After the sealing, the box is biased and the box cover is wrong
Method: The cover of the two sides should be parallel to the carton before sealing

4 The carton is not sealed perfectly

①Not adjust the carton erector properly
Reason: It is necessary for the carton erector if change cartons. If the adjustment is improper, carton may be stuck.
Method: Re-adjust the machine.

②The carton is stuck by the sealing movement
Reason: The carton is too light
Method: Replace cartons and communicate with the manufacturer before purchasing

The above reasons and solutions for the failure of the carton erector. When you encounter a failure, you can first check according to the above reasons. If it can’t be solved, welcome to chat with our engineers!

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