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The debugging of the carton erector is actually a complicated task, because there are many technical indicators. Yet, just master a few technical points, the debugging work is still very simple.

Now let’s talk about these 6 points in detail below.

1. Enough Power Supply and Air Source

Air source is often overlooked by people. Many factors affect The air source , such as incorrect air source interface, too long air pipe, too thin air pipe, insufficient air source pressure, etc. Thus, the user needs to carefully check before debugging.

2. Adjustment of the Carton Size

Without a doubt, carton size will affect the sealing effect.

3. Adjustment of the sealing position

If the sealing position is wrong, the carton erector may not be able to seal the bottom of the carton, or even can not transport the carton.

4. The position of the suction cup

The suction cup is used to suck the carton, so its position determines whether the carton can be sucked smoothly. Generally, the position of the suction cup cannot be higher or lower than the folding line of the carton. If it exceeds these two positions, the carton cannot be folded.

5. The position of the carton after folding

The cartons cannot be accurately fed to the next station whether the carton position is left or right.

6. The position of the Conveyor belt And Upper Movement and Lower Core

These factors will affect carton sealing. The position determines whether the tape bonding of the carton is perfect.

carton erector structure

If your carton erector encounters problems during the sealing process, you can refer to the above points. If you still can’t solve the problem, welcome to chat with STING engineers!

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