Carton Sealing Machine Wearing Parts

flap carton sealer parts

Any equipment will have some wearing parts. Wearing parts does not mean that they are bad, but that they wear after long-term use. The carton sealing machine is no exception. Thus the equipment needs to change wearing parts. So What are the wearing parts of the carton sealing machine?

Wearing parts of carton sealing machine includes a cut knife, knife tension spring and conveyor belt.

Let’s talk about these wearing parts in detail below.

1. Cut Knife

There is no doubt that the cut knife plays a vital role in the sealing process. Thus, it will become less sharp after long-term use. So we need to replace it.

2. Knife Tension Spring

It assists the cut knife to swing back and forth. When the cut knife is operated, the tension spring is also operated. So this part is also listed as one of the wearing parts of the carton sealing machine.

3. Conveyor Belt

The conveyor belt is used to clamp the carton and forward it. Over time, the knurling on the belt will be smoothed. In that case, due to the belt friction is weak, slipping will occur during the sealing process. We need to replace the belt.

The carton sealing machine is a machine that uses tape to seal the cartons. This machine can transport, sealing cartons, and cut the tape. Besides, the flap carton sealing machine also can fold the upper cover. But no matter what kind of sealing machine is inseparable from the tape. So how wide install the tape in the maximum width of the sealing machine?

The cut knife and the tape guide roller determines the tape width. It does not mean that the width of the cut knife must be the width of the tape. In fact, a narrower cut knife can also cut off the wider tape. But it’s that a little tape will be left during the cutting process, which will affect the beauty. Thus, STING recommends that if you need a wider tape, you need to communicate with the supplier whether need a larger cut knife.

All in all, if you operate normally by the carton sealer instruction and maintenance regularly, the use of equipment is very simple, and the failure rate is low. Of course, if you have a demand for wearing parts, you can contact us at any time.

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