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Cartons are important packaging materials, and they come in different shapes and sizes. Over the years, the packaging of goods and products with cartons has continued to evolve. Starting from manual gluing, it has progressed into a completely automated process. Carton sealing machines now play crucial roles in the packaging process.

China is no doubt one of the technological hubs of the world. China got this reputation due to the government’s promotion of science and technology.  No wonder top-grade machines are available at an affordable cost in the country.

Do you seek a reliable carton sealing machine manufacturer in China? The following is  top sealing machine manufacturers in china.

  • Hualian Machinery Group
  • Sting Autopack
  • Solution Brother Packaging Machinery
  • Zhejiang Huizhong Machinery Co.
  • Shandong Sinolion Machinery Corp
  • Gurki Packaging Machine

The rest of this post gives more details about these companies.

Hualian Machinery Group

This Chinese packaging solutions company is the oldest on this list. Hualian Machinery has existed since 1989, and their production area covers 100,000 square meters.  Over the years, they have built more than 200 unique products that they group into seven categories, including:

  • Sealer
  • Automatic packaging machine
  • Shrinking packaging machine
  • Vacuum packaging machine
  • Carton sealer
  • Strapping machine

On average, they produce more than 100,000 machines every year, with clients scattered across over 100 countries of the globe.  Their Licenses include;  Occupational Health Management System, Environmental Management System, and Quality Management System. Most of their popular products have all obtained European CE licenses.  

Sting Autopack

Sting Autopack is a leading packaging solutions company situated in China. You can find this company on North Street, Gangzha District, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, China. It is a one-stop shop for manufacturers who intend to automate their packaging process fully.

Sting Autopack has an established relationship with clients in over 100 countries of the world. They provide Carton sealing and packaging solutions.

This company is renowned for developing top-notch carton sealing machines for clients across the globe. Their products and services are exclusively available for the international market.

Some Sting Auto Pack products include:

Sting Auto Pack supplied over 400 products to more than 100 clients across over 30 nations of the world.  Thailand,  UAE, USA,  Morocco,  Indonesia,  Saudi Arabia,  Korea,  Brazil,  Ethiopia,  India,  Mexico,  Chile, etc., are on the list of the countries.

Solution Brother Packaging Machinery

Solution Brother Packaging Machinery is another Chinese company that makes packaging machines. They produce machines that are used for packaging specific products based on customers’ requirements.

You can easily install their machine into your existing production facility without hassles. Their machines meet Global Standard requirements as well as that of local Chinese regulators.

Solution Brother Packaging uses state-of-the-art CNC machines and other high-tech machining equipment. Their expert workforce helps clients design and develop packaging solutions. They can tailor every device to meet their client-specific needs.

Zhejiang Huizhong Machinery Co., Ltd 

When Zhejiang Huizhong Machinery Co first launched in 2004, it was known as Ruian Haichina Machinery Ltd. Along the line, they later rebranded and adopted the new name. They produce packaging equipment for their numerous clients.  They produce automated machines used for foodstuff, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and other commodities.

Some of their products include:

  • Cartoning machine
  • Carton Sealer
  • Flow pack machine
  • Cellophane overwrapping machine

They have undergone several quality tests and vetted in their over 20 years of providing packaging solutions.  All their machines meet Chinese and Global regulatory standards. They have provided packaging solutions for clients across over 50 nations. More so, they provide after-sale service to their numerous clients.  

Shandong Sinolion Machinery Corp 

Shandong Sinolion Machinery Corp in 2006 started manufacturing packaging machines. Before this time, they were manufacturing conveyors and stretch wrappers on a smaller scale.

They have a well-trained team of experts and a large production capacity to cater for orders from their numerous clients.

Their common products include;

  • Sheet Dispenser
  • Carton sealer
  • Conveyor
  • Palletizer
  • Pallet strapper
  • Paper corner applicator

Their products meet local and international regulatory standards.

Gurki Packaging Machine Co., Ltd

You can locate Gurki Packaging Machine Company in the south China town of Shenzhen. They are a well-known manufacturer of packaging machines.  Over the years, they have built automated machines custom-made to their customer’s specifications. In addition, they also help to upgrade existing devices to the appeal of their clients.

The company boasts of a professional staff force. They also deploy high-tech production facilities and robust technical strength. Gurki packaging consistently seeks to improve on existing designs through research.

They take the quality of their product very seriously. Their Quality Assurance and Quality Control unit work round the clock to ensure high standards of products. A majority of their products meet the China regulatory standard and are known to be durable.

Their customer base cuts across the length and breadth of China and over 80 countries of the globe. Some are Australia,  Canada,  Italy,  South Africa,  Indonesia,  India,  Iran, Russia,  Mexico,  Cyprus, America,  Spain,  Brazil,  Sudan, the U.K, etc.

Their common products include:

  • Sealing machine
  • Automatic carton sealer
  • Automatic carton erector
  • Strapping machine
  •  Semi-auto carton sealer
  • Automatic stretch film wrapping machine
  • Shrink packing machine
  • Tray erector

Acquiring automated cartons sealers from China has never been this easy. Many Chinese manufacturers now sell their products to the global market as well as provide after-sale consultation and service to their customers.

If you need an automated carton sealing machine, Sting Auto pack is the right place for you.  You can easily install their machines into your existing production facility without hassles.  They follow international best practices and comply with local and Global Standard requirements. To learn more about Sting pack products and services, visit here.

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