Carton Sealer Troubleshooting Guide

Carton Sealer Troubleshooting Guide

Tape Troubleshooting

1. How can the tape not be cut?

Possible reason: The blade is not sharp enough Knife tip is clogged with adhesive.
Method: Replace the blade Cleaning blade.

2. Is there a tail after the tape is cut?

Possible reason: The blade is not sharp enough, there is a plug on the blade holder, the tension spring is too loose.
Method: Check if the screw on the knife holder is too loose, lubricate it if necessary.

3. Why can not the tape fully bonded Carton?

Possible reason: The main spring is too loose and there is glue deposited on the roller shaft.
Method: Adjust the tension of the main spring and clean the roller.

4. Why was the carton stuck halfway?

Possible reason: The belt wheel nut is too tight, the height of the carton conveyor belt is not adjusted properly, and the active spring is too tight.
Method: Loosen the tape wheel adjustment nut to readjust the height and loosen the main spring.

5. Why was the tape broken during the sealing process?

Possible reason: The blade extends too long.
Method: Lower the blade position.

6. Why is the tape often derailed?

Possible reason: Uneven pressure on the carton by the guide roller.
Method: Readjust the distance of the guide roller.

7. Why is not the tape on the center line?

Possible reason: Stop losing.
Method: Replace stop loss.

8. Abnormalities during sealing

Possible reason: There is a gray layer on the bearing seat.
Method: Clean and lubricate the bearing seat.

9. Why is the cardboard box wrinkled at the back edge sealed before sealing?

Possible reason: The speed of each belt is inconsistent, when the carton is pushed into the machine, the carton is not in the correct position.
Method: Adjust the tension of each conveyor belt so that the speed is consistent and the carton is in the correct position.

If the tape is wrinkled, turn the bolt A clockwise until the bolt starts to move downward as shown in the following figure.

1. Before repairing and adjusting, turn off the machine.
2. The blade must be cleaned and lubricated before use.
3. After a period of use, the belt tension should be tightened.

carton sealer structure chart

General Faults And Troubleshooting


1. Abnormal operation

Check whether relevant LS / pH / PS is normal
Check whether the air pressure of air pressure source and pressure regulating valve is normal

2. Power supply not OK

Check the switch for damage
Check whether the voltage is stable
Check whether the wiring is loose

3. Motor does not run

Check whether the overload device trips
Check whether output is output
Check whether relay is normal
Check the motor for damage
Check whether the chain is normal
Check whether the shaft is normal
Check for loose screws

4. Abnormal cylinder action

Check whether output is output
Check whether relay is normal
Check whether the solenoid valve is norm
Check whether the pressure regulating and air control elements are normal
Check whether the switches are normal
Check whether the inside of the cylinder is normal
Check for loose screws

5. Abnormal operation of belt

Check whether the motor bearing is normal
Check the belt for damage
Check whether the belt tightness needs to be adjusted

6. Tape sticking is abnormal

Check the tape applicator parts for damage
Check if the tapper screw is loose
Check whether the tape is in good condition
Check if the blade needs to be replaced

These are the common problems in the use of the carton sealer, I hope it can be helpful to you. If you have any other questions, please talk to our expert team!


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