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flap carton sealer and carton erector

Selecting a carton sealer when you are not clear about the options can be a troubling task but we are here to solve that problem for you.

If you are looking for a carton sealer packaging line, this is the right place to be. Although there are many types of case sealers available, this specific packaging line encompasses it all. There are not two but three different types of specialized carton sealers that we will elaborate upon.

In the comprehensive list below, we have provided you with the three best possible options available for carton sealers. They can be from the completely automated to the semi-automated variety. 

H Type Carton Sealing Machine

H Type Carton Sealing Machine

The line consists of Carton Edges Sealer And Flap Carton Sealer.

Here is how it is designed:


Structurally, this case sealer is larger in size as compared to the other ones available. It is, however, quite the heavy duty carton sealer. It comprises a roller based moving line that pushes the carton forwards onto the wrapping station. 


Initially, a carton has to be placed by hand on the roller mechanism from the carton collector at the beginning of the machine that holds the flattened cases. When the carton is placed on the roller band, it is transferred to the main part of the machine with the help of a pointed hammer like a lever. Once there, the carton is not only wrapped but sealed at the edges with a sturdy bulk solid wrapping strip. Although it is nonadhesive, it is wound pretty tightly to avoid any loss.

Automatic Folding Flaps Carton Sealer And Strapping Machine

flap carton sealer and strapping machine

The strapping of pre-sealed cartons and boxes has become quite a necessity in today’s time. Here is what the Automatic Folding Flaps Carton Sealer with a built-in strapping mechanism does:


Structurally, this carton sealer and strapper is relatively smaller in size, however, it is as good at doing its job as the rest. It doe not have a turning point on its conveyor belt. The conveyor belt is made out of rollers as well in this model. 


The working of the Automatic Folding Flaps Carton Sealer and Strapping Machine is slightly different, It may need an operator to actually put the set box on the conveyor belt. So one may conclude that it takes up the task midway as the preset box is placed on the belt that takes it forward to the tape section and later to the strapping section. The working is super fast and happens in a singular straight line. 

K500 Carton Erector+Z500A+FJ500 Carton Sealing Machine

Carton Erector And Flap Corner Carton Sealer

Since we are looking to make it ever so easy for our customers, here is the Megamind of it all. This all in one machine solves every type of problem unlike the top two. 


Structurally analyzing, the K500+Z500A+FJ500 Carton Sealing Machine is one the bigger end of the spectrum of sizes. It is understandable since the machine does all types of packing: bottom flaps only, top and bottom flaps both, and seals the edges of the carton too. Much like its counterparts, the carton sealer uses a conveyor belt that specializes in both bottom only and Top/Bottom flap folding and taping. After taping the box is propelled onto the edge sealing section where a tape of sturdy industrial grade material is put to use for it. 


The working for this case sealing and edge sealing machine is fairly simple. All the flattened cartons are fed to the carton collector section and it is completely automatic. It takes up a carton and assembles it as per fed instructions. After the carton is sealed with tape as per your desires, the case is pushed forward automatically on the conveyor belt to a section where its edges are sealed for maximum safety. The edge seals are placed from both ends and sealed sturdily. Such a strong grip doe snot let the box budge. 

 What To Look For When Going Carton Sealer Shopping

It can be quite intimidating when one has to absolutely wrack their brains out for machine shopping. Purchasing machinery does not work the same way as purchasing simpler things like clothes. The investment is larger and the stakes are higher We have put together some information that will carry you across. Here is a little guide to help you navigate through many types of carton sealers you will find in the market:

  • Always good to ask questions, no matter how simple they may seem.
  • Look into instruction manuals beforehand and focus on the operator’s level of understanding.
  • Simple is always better.
  • The working of the conveyor belt and its smoothness matter.
  • Look for machines that accommodate varying box lengths.
  • The strapping mechanism must be part of the machine itself rather than a separate attachment.
  • Think about minimum and maximum size sealing.
  • Tape length and width must be kept in mind.
  • General ease of maintenance is preferred.
  • Power and voltage must be kept in mind.  

If you want to know more about buying a carton sealer and a carton erector, please read the Carton Sealer Choose Guide And Carton Erector Choose Guide.

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