Carton Erector Maintenance And Repair

carton erector

The carton erector has improved the efficiency of our production. So how do we maintain and repair to increase the machine’s service life?

1. keep the air source clean at all times.

2. Provide a sufficient air source.
Provide sufficient air source to ensure the component action and set the pressure to 5~6kg/cm2.

3. Pneumatic cylinder: often wipe the shaft part.

4. Maintenance of pneumatic pipeline: prevent gas obstruction.
If you need to disassemble and repair the pneumatic pipeline, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the oxygen pipeline has a folded pipe when it is to be repositioned. If this is the case, please guide it quickly to prevent gas obstruction.

5. Keep the suction cup clean and avoid oil stains.
The vacuum generator must be cleaned once a week.

6. Check if the oil quantity is enough.
If it is insufficient, please add it and use the special oil for pressure. The concentration should not be too strong;
* Do not add other alternative oils to prevent blockage or malfunction of the air circuit.

7. Check the water filter cup.
You need to check frequently whether the water volume is too much. If it is too much water, it must be drained; Use the pressure adjustment knob to adjust the air pressure to 5~6kg/cm2.

8. Discharge the residual air in the circuit.
For the safety of personnel, discharge the residual air in the circuit by the pressure relief valve during the shutdown or maintenance work.

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