Automatic Carton Sealer Exported To Thailand

FX500QZ Automatic Carton Sealer

Product Introduction

The automatic carton sealer automatically adjusts the height and width of different specifications of cartons, It has a wide range of uses and is suitable for household appliances, textiles, daily necessities, medicines, food, chemicals, light industry, etc.

This FX500QZ automatic carton sealer can be used for single carton sealing, and can also be used in an assembly line with filling and bundling. Compared with other models in the semi-automatic carton sealer, it can automatically adjust the size of the carton when the carton size changes, so it is called automatic carton sealer.

  • Provide a lot of help in the busy sealing work, a good helper for warehouse packing
  • Automatic detection, no need for manual adjustment for different cartons. So different cartons can be packed perfectly and fast.
  • Using small footprint, and the working area is about 1.5 square meters. 4 wheels with brakes can easily move the machine to any place in the workshop
  • Easy maintenance, horizontal sealing method, neat and beautiful sealing, one-way side movement, smooth movement and no noise, width change adopts automatic lifting design.
  • Excellent machine quality makes our customers satisfied.
  • Our machine configuration(Why Choose Us)
Intermediate relaySCHNEIDER, FRANCE
Current overloadSCHNEIDER, FRANCE
Photoelectric switchOMRON
Magnetic switchAIRTAC, CHINA
The electromagnetic valveAIRTAC, CHINA


We are pleased to list them for your reference. If you are interested in our machine, please feel free to chat with us.

1. What is the adaptable carton size? Can our cartons use your machine?

Sealing length: ≥150mm; Sealing width: 150-500mm; Sealing height: 120-480mm;
Notice: Machine package range will be customized according to customer’s box sizes

2: How to use the machine, is it difficult to operate?

The operation of the machine is very simple
2.Connect air compressor
3.Turn on the power
4.Put the tape
5.Feed in cartons
Principle of Operation: When different cartons enter the machine, the Photoelectric eye on the machine will automatically detect and react.

3: How long is the delivery time of the machine? What should I do if I need the machine in a urgent?

The delivery time of the machine is 15 days
We can deliver the machine to you by sea, air, express, etc.
If you need to use the machine in a hurry, we recommend that you choose to arrive at the airport near you by air, or send it to your factory by express DHL.

4: How to maintain the machine daily?

The daily maintenance of the machine is to clean the tape on the blade and apply lubricating oil.

The following are the machines we exported to Thailand this week. Trial video:

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Hope our customers can receive the machine as soon as possible, STINGGROUP will always provide you the good solution.

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