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Regular carton sealers have a belt for the movement of the box and a tape holder that dispenses the required amount of tape. Once the carton is placed on the machine, it is moved forward and taped according to size and height.

flap carton sealer and carton erector

Carton Sealer Packaging Line

If you are looking for a carton sealer packaging line, this is the right place to be. Although there are many types of case sealers available, this specific packaging line encompasses it all. There are not two but three different types of specialized carton sealers that we will elaborate upon.

glue carton sealer vs tape carton sealer


Glue carton sealers are better for sealing a larger volume of boxes with similar sizes. On the other hand, tape carton sealers are great for packing lower volume boxes with different box sizes. They also have their unique benefits. They are safer, cheaper, and better for colder environments.

horizontal carton erector vs vertical carton erector

Horizontal Carton Erector VS Vertical Carton Erector

In general, when choosing a carton erector, you need to consider the following factors: machine function, sealing product, speed, cost, carton size, sealing Material and carton requirements, etc. The best erector depends on the packaging needs and type of product.


8 Tips For Cartons Of Case Erector

When we select cartons for the case erector, we need to consider these: carton size, whether is a machine carton, carton length plus width, carton die cutsize, softness and hardness of the carton,carton thickness, the crease of the carton,etc.

carton and tapes

8 Tips For Cartons And Tapes Of Carton Sealers

The Carton Sealer is a common packaging equipment for us. It has been widely used in enterprises. We know that the Carton Sealer is used for tape sealing of cartons. What are the requirements of the machine for cartons and tapes?

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