What Affects The Speed Of The Carton Erector

What Affects The Speed Of The Carton Erector

The main factors that affect the speed of the carton erector are the motor, carton sizes, the thickness and material of the carton, and workers place cartons’ speed, etc. Servo motor will make the speed faster. Larger cartons will slow down.

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Why Use The Carton Erector?

Compared with the tape dispenser, the carton erector adopts PLC Display Control, so it is easier to operate. Besides, it seals cartons tighter, and the tape is more smooth and is not skipped. What’s more, it saves a lot of labor and cost and increases the production efficiency.

Reduce Packaging Waste

How To Reduce Packaging Waste

You can contribute your part by creating awareness, rendering community service, disposing the right way, repairing old packages, minimizing online shopping, reusing old bags, and more.

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Hot Melt Tape VS Acrylic Tape

Hot Melt Tapes are better used for mass production since they are the most convenient to use on a machine, without too much wastage. In addition, they are better suited for bulky packages. This is a result of their high flexibility and tensile strength. On the other hand, Acrylic Tapes are more suitable for long-term storage conditions. The reason is, they have more resistance to oxidation and harsh environmental conditions.

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What Are The Types Of Carton Sealers?

Carton sealers are divided into random carton sealers and uniform carton sealers. According to sealing effect, carton sealers can implement top & bottom seal, bottom seal, 4-edge seal and side seal, etc. So to choose the best type of carton sealer, you must consider the number and sealing effects of boxes, and the cost.

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How Does A Case Erector Work?

Case Erectors are machines that are used to set up flat corrugated boxes in full 3D box form. Case Erectors come in handy because they eliminate the need to stop the packing package so that workers can set up the boxes from their flattened form. 

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Case Erector Commissioning

The debugging of the carton erector is actually a complicated task, because there are many technical indicators. Yet, just master a few technical points, the debugging work is still very simple. Now let’s talk about these 6 points in detail below. 1. Enough Power Supply and Air Source Air source is often overlooked by people. Many …

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