8 Tips For Cartons Of Case Erector


Case Erectors are machines that give a shape and form to flat cartons or boxes. They help give those flattened cardboard pieces the three-dimensional form of a box by taping the bottom and making the box stand.

The use of automatic case erector can improve the production efficiency. It is one of the indispensable equipment for mass production. So, what are the requirements for the carton of the machine?

When we select cartons for the case erector, we need to consider these: carton size, whether is a machine carton, carton length plus width, carton die cutsize, softness and hardness of the carton,carton thickness, the crease of the carton,etc.

Now let’s talk about these factors in detail.

Carton Direction

You can consult the case erector manufacturer or cartons manufacturer. If the direction of the carton is reversed, the carton text will be opposite direction .

Carton Size

You need to provide these sizes to us so that one device can suitable for multiple sizes.

Machine Carton

Many cartons are not chamfered, so the carton will be stuck when using the equipment. When choose the case erector, you can communicate with the carton manufacturer.

Carton Length Plus Width

Generally speaking, the length and width of the carton should not be greater than the width of the hopper. If it is greater than this width, the machine cannot open the carton.

Carton Die Cut Size

Die Cut is the gap between the front cover and the side cover of the carton. The gap is essential for the machine carton. Besides, the machine will not be able to open the carton normally if the die cut size is too small.

Carton Die Cut

Softness And Hardness Of The Carton

When you chooses a case erector, it is necessary to confirm whether the carton is too soft or too hard.

Carton Thickness

We must communicate with manufacturers in advance about the thickness of the carton.

The Crease Of The Carton

The crease of the carton directly affects whether the machine can fold the lid of the carton. Generally, the depth of the crease should be at least one-third of the thickness of the carton.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to talk with our engineers!

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