8 Tips For Cartons And Tapes Of Carton Sealers

carton and tapes

The Carton Sealer is a common packaging equipment for us. It has been widely used in enterprises. We know that the Carton Sealer is used for tape sealing of cartons. What are the requirements of the machine for cartons and tapes?

1. Cannot use cardboard boxes with plastic film coating.
2. Cardboard boxes must be dry (cannot use wet cardboard boxes).
3. The surface of the cardboard box must be free of dust and trash.
4. Cannot use the deformed cardboard box and the corrugated cardboard box.
5. Cannot use tape rolls with deformed core holes and deformed shapes.
6. Cannot use cloth tape roll.
7. Cannot use tape rolls with inconsistent widths and thicknesses and burrs on the edges.
8. It is best not to use the tape roll after half a year from leaving the factory.

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