5L Oil Case Packing Line Automatic Erecting And Sealing Machine

oil filling line

Drop bottling is an ideal automated back-end packaging equipment for bottling lines, and it is also an economical and practical automated packaging equipment. The equipment has high working efficiency, saves labor, and reduces the labor intensity of workers.

Product Features

  • Automatically arrange and combine products according to customer packing and arrangement requirements
  • When packing, the equipment will automatically open and position the top of the carton to ensure smooth packing and no worries about jams
  • Wide range of application, can meet the packing of products of various specifications
  • Realize product sorting and packing in the same station, which solves the problem of large volume and space occupied by conventional packing machines
  • Control method: PLC + touch screen + standard control button + signal switch, divided into automatic/manual control mode
  • The fault point can be found through the touch screen, and the fault can be easily eliminated
  • This machine is suitable for beverage, edible oil, daily chemical and other light industry industries
oil filling
case packer

Equipment Contains

1. One automatic carton erector
2. One drop-out case packer
3. One automatic carton sealing machine
4. Supporting roller conveyors according to factory workshop
5. Palletizing machinery (Optional)

Height of loading productsAccording to product customization
Equipment materialCarbon steel or all stainless steel
Suitable for carton sizeAccording to customer carton design
Controlling solutionPLC controlling
Mechanical DimensionsCustomized design according to product
WeightCustomized design according to product
carton erector and flap carton sealer

If you don’t need the whole line, you can also choose the supporting equipment:

carton erector flap corner carton sealer
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